"Its rare to find a company that consistently provides a high level of service day in and
day out.  It’s comforting to know that I can leave my pup in Julie's capable hands.  Every day I find a wonderful note describing her walk and observations about my pet.  I know
he looks forward to her visits and the personal attention she provides.  Recently I lost
one of my dogs to cancer.  Jodi and Julie both provided personal support and comfort during the weeks Pepper was recovering from surgery, and after she lost the battle.  I wouldn't hesitate to whole-heartedly recommend the wagging tail to anyone who would
like professional and quality care for their pets." 
Janet Romanchyk, Sterling    

“Thanks so much for the goodies for the dog and cat.  Max loves the cookies!  The
updates were great.  My husband and I really enjoyed reading about what he did when
you visited!  I can tell he liked it.    Once again thanks so much, I'll be sure to
recommend your service to my friends.”
Claire Atwell, Herndon  

“The Wagging Tail provided outstanding service for our pet cat “Socks”. They under promised and over delivered.  We would certainly use their service again!” 
Nancy Trosko, Sterling  

“As a new puppy owner, a pet service was a must-have for me.  I worked too far to come home each day and too many hours to leave Tucker at home alone all day.  I had tried
one service for a while but ultimately was dissatisfied with their attitude and mistakes
while walking my dog."   
"So I turned to the neighborhood newsletter and found The Wagging Tail Pet Service. 
I was interested immediately based on my initial phone call with Jodi Large, the owner. 
She was personable, friendly and most importantly seemed to genuinely understand
about busy owner schedules and care about pets."  
"Jodi set up an interview where Tucker and I met Julie, our new walker.  He was a little nervous at first, but once he got to know her; it was true love.  Now, he looks forward to her visits and enjoys his lunchtime walks around the neighborhood.  I enjoy
her notes on what they did and the concern and care she shows for him.  When he is
sick or has a problem, The Wagging Tail and Julie are always my first call both for advice
and for extra check-ups when I'm at work."    
"Their professionalism, care, and devotion to the animals are unsurpassed and I would
highly recommend them to anyone seeking pet sitting services.  They always go above
and beyond in their willingness to accommodate changes in schedules, last minute visits,
sudden overnight trips, and much, much more.  I honestly believe that I could not have survived this last year of Tucker's life without Julie, Jodi and the other great members of The Wagging Tail.”
Kelly Glessner, Sterling  

"Very responsible, professional and went the extra mile when I needed extended care."  Bobbie Dewar, Potomac Falls   "TWT takes better care of my pets than I do!"  "With TWT,
I can leave home worry free."  "They truly love animals."  Caroline Proctor, Sterling, VA   "Everything went great!"  "Julie and Eros seemed to have a wonderful time together." 
"The daily updates were very appreciated."  "I think Eros was disappointed when we
came home." 
Matt Whitfield, Potomac Falls  

"We have been very satisfied with the services we receive from Wagging Tail. Our walker
is great with our dogs--she is always on time and gives our dogs extra attention. I would recommend Wagging Tail to any family, like our own, that have crazy schedules and
cannot always provide extra walking time for their dog."
Kathleen Collins, Leesburg  

"Our dog walker always leaves us notes detailing what fun stuff happened on the walks.
We have been very impressed with our walker; we know that if she says she's going to be
there, she will be. We've never had dog walkers before, so we were naturally a little cautious. But our experience has been more than we hoped for. We can tell that our
dogs are Priority Number One with The Wagging Tail, and we've never seen anything but professionalism and care from Jodi and Julie. We trust The Wagging Tail with our dogs
(and our house keys) without question. We highly recommend!"
Mickey Thorpe, Sterling  

"We really appreciate your generous, considerate, and caring team to walk and watch
our dog, Biscuit. All the people, from walkers to the boarders, are reliable and patient
with our sometimes-rambunctious dog, Biscuit. His tail couldn't be waggin' harder when
he sees his Waggin' Tail buddy pull up in the driveway!"
Teresa & Mark Libera, Reston  

"Getting to stay in Jan’s home 24/7 was like a dog spa.  My dogs never had it so good! I
was surprised that they were willing to come back home with me!"
Christine K.., Dunn Loring  

"TWT was great.  The little notes we received upon our return detailing out pets
behavior and activities added a special touch.  You can tell that TWT truly loves animals."
Rosemarie Lebert, Sterling  

"I'm a single adult that works long days, attends college classes at night and travels occasionally on weekends.  I employ "The Wagging Tail" to take care of my dog –
Colorado, of  9 years.  Colorado is a large Alaskan Malamute and moves slowly due to
her weight and age."   
"On more then one occasion Jodi - The Wagging Tail - have been there at the last
minute to help me out in unplanned emergencies.  I have been extremely satisfied
with the service I have received from "The Wagging Tail" and have recommended them
to all my friends that own pets."
Joe Brady, Sterling

Jodi and The Wagging Tail team have been invaluable to us.  We tried many different places, including boarding and daycare, and each time Cady (our 2 year old miniature schnauzer) came home sick.  We are so lucky to have found Jodi, the only other person besides us that Cady does not bark at constantly :).  We would highly recommend The Wagging Tail to anyone and plan to use their services for a long time to come.  Thanks
Lorrie and Mike Jacobson, Sterling

"I first established contact with The Wagging Tail, LLC in August of this year when I
needed someone I could trust in my home and with my pet.  I began a search for a pet sitting service and found Jodi Large, the owner of The Wagging Tail through an advertisement in my community newsletter.  After speaking with Jodi, I was pleased
with her professionalism and confidence.  I agreed to set up an appointment to meet
both her and one of her employees at my home.  This was also an opportunity for them
to meet my kitty, Hunter
the Cat."   "When Jodi and Julie arrived, I was impressed at the “assessment” they conducted in regards to Hunter’s personality, his habits, his medical needs (he has
asthma and requires the use of inhaler), as well as the logistics of my home (are there
any lights that come on while I am away, do I have any security alarms in the home,
what days are trash day, etc.).  Jodi was very thorough, much like the way I would
conduct physical security assessments in my own profession."   "I had to leave town
for a week and was anxious about someone I didn’t know taking care of my kitty in my home.  I had called a couple of times to check in with Julie, and knew by the sound
of her voice that everything was ok.  When I got home at the end of the trip, Hunter
was a happy cat and I knew I made an excellent selection in choosing The Wagging Tail. 
I have since used this business for two other trips, each a week or longer in duration,
and have recommended them to another friend and would happily recommend them to anyone else who may need someone to care for their pet and to feel comfortable with someone they do no know being in their home."  "When I am away on business travel,
it is comforting to know Hunter is in good hands, his medication is being administered
on schedule, and that he’s with someone who really enjoys being around him."  
"Each time I return home, there is a personal thank you card written by Julie thanking
me for my business.  Julie also leaves a daily log as to what she and Hunter did that
day.  There has also been a little gift bag of treats left for Hunter that he truly
enjoys and I give him when he’s been especially good.  Who can beat this?"
Michele Douglas, Sterling